About PCC

Preeti Chotai Consultancy.

PCC is a Beauty & Cosmetics Intelligence Consultancy founded by Preeti Chotai who has over 10 years of comprehensive experience in the beauty industry. PCC works with the world’s leading beauty brands to identify and capitalise on the current and emerging trends. We use a combination of expert insight, data and market analysis to forecast trends and create ideas and actionable insights for our clients. This knowledge also arms PCC to analyse brands for investors providing a deeper understanding of the beauty market, its trends and a brands place in the market in order to help our clients make perceptive investments.

About Preeti

Beauty Trends and Innovation Expert & Founder

With over a decade of experience in the global beauty industry, Preeti Chotai has consulted with a range of global brands including L’Oréal, LVMH and Henkel, forecasting beauty trends, collaborating on product innovation and identifying market opportunities. Through PCC, Preeti brings to bear her unique combination of extensive training in numerous aspects of the beauty industry, with her experience as a founder of two successful beauty businesses.

This vast, firsthand experience has made Preeti a highly sought after advisor in the beauty and personal care sector. She works closely with a number of multinational companies, visionary start-ups, and investors analysing brands, advising on current market activity and emerging trends, as well as using intelligence and insight to forecast trends, whereby empowering brands to be pioneers and to gain (and maintain) a competitive edge.

One of Preeti’s strengths is her proven ability to collaborate with companies to formulate strong and original concepts which have clear consumer demand. Another is Preeti’s shrewd understanding of the often fickle beauty sector, enabling her to interpret the conversation on social media, gauge consumer appetite, and expose opportunities. In short, her keen intuition enables clients to turn insights into actions. 

From partnering with leading beauty brands keen to tap into her wealth of frontline experience, to working with investors, Preeti has an exceptional ability to analyse the beauty market, forecast trends, spot opportunities, and envision (and help to realise) seminal concepts, making her one of the most in demand consultants and innovation experts in the sector.